ENCORE Introduces Innovative Beverage Mixes Featuring Science-Backed Cognizin® and IMMUSE™ for Cognitive and Beauty Support

Kyowa Hakko's Cognizin® Citicoline, and postbiotic, IMMUSE™, infuse their cutting-edge components in the new product line.

NEW YORK , April 18, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Kyowa Hakko U.S.A., Inc. announces the inclusion of its science-backed branded ingredients Cognizin® and IMMUSE™ in two groundbreaking beverage mixes designed to elevate the daily nutrition regimen of health-conscious consumers. These innovative products from ENCORE harness the power of high-quality ingredients to bring cognitive and beauty benefits in delicious, easy-to-consume formats.

Introducing Cognizin®: ENCORE Focus MCT Creamer Encore's Focus MCT creamer is a crafted formulation that aims to enhance mental focus and fuel energy through its powerhouse blend of MCT oil, Cognizin®, Fibersol®, and DE111 Probiotic®. With three great-tasting flavors –Vanilla, Turmeric, and Original— Focus MCT creamer is set to become a staple addition for anyone seeking to support their cognitive function throughout the day.

Unveiling IMMUSE™: ENCORE Shine Collagen Mix Encore's new Shine Collagen Mix features an exciting combination of ingredients supporting the body's natural wellness and beauty. Featuring IMMUSE™ to strengthen natural immunity, VERISOL®, and Fibersol®, this product supports skin beauty from within, promoting a healthy, radiant complexion. Delight in the three flavors –Matcha, Rooibos, and Original—and effortlessly integrate this collagen mix into your daily beauty routine.

"This exciting partnership with ENCORE perfectly aligns with our commitment to delivering specialty materials that contribute to good health," Karen Todd, RD, CSCS, EP-C, CISSN, and Vice President of Global Brand Marketing, Kyowa Hakko USA, Inc. said. Todd added, "The new products featuring Cognizin® and IMMUSE™ provide a 'better for you beverage mix,' ensuring the delivery of nutrients consumers want to incorporate in their daily health routines."

ENCORE's new offerings exemplify its commitment to delivering products that taste great and serve a functional purpose for people's well-being. "We are thrilled to present our customers with these unique beverage mixes that include cutting-edge nutritional science ingredients like Cognizin® and IMMUSE™, and we're proud to make them accessible to our consumers in formulas they can enjoy daily," said KAV Encore CEO, Tak Lam.

Both product lines are now available on ENCORE's website, encouraging individuals to discover the fusion of flavor and function and fostering a lifestyle that prioritizes health without compromising taste. For more information about Encore's new products, please visit cheersencore.com.

About Kyowa Hakko USA: Kyowa Hakko USA is the North & South American office of Kyowa Hakko Bio Co. Ltd., an international health ingredients manufacturer and world leader in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and food & beverage products. Kyowa is the maker of branded ingredients, including Cognizin®, IMMUSE™ LC-Plasma, Eyemuse™ Lacticaseibacillus paracasei KW3110, Citicoline, Pantesin® Pantethine, Setria® Glutathione, as well as L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine. For more information, visit kyowa-usa.com.

About ENCORE: Encore is a pioneering company specializing in the development of supplements and beverage mixes that promote a healthier and more vibrant lifestyle. With a commitment to quality, Cheers Encore offers a range of products that not only provide essential nutrients but also enhance the consumer experience with exceptional taste.

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