Make SyNer-VOL with Cognizin® Citicoline a Regular Part of Your Daily Exercise Regimen*

SyNer-VOLYou know that boost you feel from typical workout powders, capsules, and beverages? That’s caffeine and it’s sometimes found in amounts that are enough to power a small village. Caffeine also wreaks havoc on the adrenal system and mess with sleep.

That’s why WGNutrition created SyNer-VOL, a huge leap forward in the exercise industry that can be taken any time without interfering with sleep. And the daily workout powder supplement provides a solid base for nutrient repartitioning, blood flow, muscle growth, and calorie burning. Plus, SyNer-VOL contains Cognizin® Citicoline for better focus, attention, and brain energy. *

“We designed SyNer-VOL to offset fatigue, increase power output, improve overall body composition, and increase blood flow—along with mind and muscle connection with Cognizin®,” said Renee Burns, WG Nutrition founder. “Now, imagine doing all that without large amounts of caffeine!”

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*Daily workout supplement doesn’t rely on caffeine for energy, mental boosts 
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