New Scientific Review In The Natural Medicine Journal Outlines The Neuroprotective Properties Of Citicoline

A review of the extensive science and literature published on citicoline, a compound with strong neuroprotective and neuroregenerative properties, was published in the June 2010 issue of the Natural Medicine Journal. This comprehensive review provides: an overview of citicoline and how it is absorbed and utilized in the body; a summary of clinical studies conducted using citicoline for specific health conditions; and dosing and safety data.

“Citicoline acts at multiple levels to support and maintain neural health and optimal cognitive function, and given its widespread activity on neural tissue, it should be considered a comprehensive, therapeutic agent for supporting brain health,” noted study co-author Irfan Qureshi, ND, vice president, technical and regulatory affairs for AIBMR Life Sciences and naturopathic physician scientist for VMN Research in Enumclaw, Wash. “Based on evidence from clinical trials, citicoline is safe for use in both pediatric and adult populations.”

Kyowa Hakko USA offers a branded citicoline ingredient, Cognizin®, which is produced through a proprietary fermentation production technique. Cognizin was used in several of the studies highlighted in the Natural Medicine Journal review. Cognizin is the only citicoline ingredient that has been tested on normal, healthy adults, and can be used in dietary supplements at a recommended dose of 500 mg per day, as well as functional foods and beverages at a recommended dose of 250 mg per serving.


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