2010 News

New Scientific Review In The Natural Medicine Journal Outlines The Neuroprotective Properties Of Citicoline

July 6, 2010 New York, NY
An overview of citicoline and how it is absorbed and utilized in the body; a summary of clinical studies conducted using citicoline for specific health conditions; and dosing and safety data. Read more ›

Dr. Robert Paul Clinical Neuropsychologist and Author Introduces Nawgan Beverage to Support Cognitive Function

March 9, 2010 New York, NY
Nawgan Berry is the first functional health liquid supplement that pre-blends Cognizin® with other ingredients to enhance cognitive function. Read more ›

New Brain Research Finds Cognizin® Suppresses Craving

January 4, 2010 New York, NY
Cognizin® Citicoline May Support Goals for Weight Loss via Appetite Suppression Read more ›