Artificial stimulants can ramp up energy and attention levels, but the crash that follows is hardly worth it. As a premium, branded version of citicoline, Cognizin® is the smarter choice for supporting focus, attention, and memory. As a non-stimulant, it provides natural support for cognitive function, neuroprotection, and neurotransmission without jitters or other unwanted side effects.

Support for Focus and Attention 

Cognizin® benefits are backed by key studies showcasing its profound impact on various aspects of brain function. Research has demonstrated that middle-aged adults experienced increased brain activity after just six weeks of taking 500mg of Cognizin®, emphasizing its role in enhancing cellular synthesis and restoring brain energy. Furthermore, in studies involving women and adolescent males, Cognizin® displayed notable improvements in attention and focus, offering tangible benefits for individuals seeking cognitive support.

Support for Memory

Another standout study also revealed that Cognizin® at 500mg/day can significantly support episodic memory and overall memory in healthy older adults aged 50-85. The results were measured using the globally renowned Creyos (formerly known as Cambridge Brain Sciences) standardized test, providing evidence for the positive impact of Cognizin® on memory functions.

Support for Mental Energy

The brain’s use of energy is multifaceted, and the methods it uses can sometimes be confused with another. Two of the ways that the brain utilizes the body’s energy are brain energy and mental energy.

Brain energy refers to how the brain acquires and utilizes energy for important cognitive processes like neurotransmission. Having adequate levels of brain energy is important for generating mental energy — the ability to sustain focus and attention.

Citicoline plays a vital role in the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a primary energy source for cells. A study commissioned by Kyowa Hakko observed a 13.6% increase in ATP in healthy adults who took 500mg of Cognizin® daily for six weeks. These data suggest that Cognizin® has the potential to support the brain energy needed to generate the mental energy you need to stay on task.

Citicoline Benefits

Kyowa Hakko’s studies have shed light on the potential benefits of citicoline in supporting cognitive functions related to attention and memory. This research suggests that citicoline, as a supplement, could have a notable impact on brain chemistry, providing compelling evidence that citicoline supports both brain chemistry and function. These findings mark a significant advancement in supplement research and highlight the distinct advantages of utilizing a branded form of citicoline like Cognizin®.

With 16 years of clinical research and as the only citicoline studied in healthy adults, Cognizin® stands out as a premium option for those seeking a more comprehensive approach to aiding cognitive function and brain health. As a patented brand of citicoline, Cognizin® offers the assurance of quality, efficacy, and safety backed by scientific evidence. Its unique formulation and rigorous testing make it the smarter choice for individuals looking to support overall brain health.

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