2015 News

Natura-Genics® Introduces Cognitive Complex™ with Cognizin® Citicoline

November 24, 2015 New York, NY
With a focus on the health of Hispanics, Natura-Genics® has created Cognitive Complex™ with Cognizin® Citicoline for better brain function.* Read more ›

Kyowa Hakko’s Dr. Danielle Citrolo to Speak at SupplySide West

October 2, 2015 New York, NY
Dr. Danielle Citrolo, Technical Services Manager for Kyowa Hakko U.S.A., will discuss brain health products at this year’s SupplySide West show in Las Vegas. Read more ›

XPI Supplements Introduces Alpha-Focus with Cognizin® Citicoline

August 20, 2015 New York, NY
XPI Supplements has created Alpha-Focus with Cognizin® Citicoline and a variety of other ingredients that may help improve brain function.* Read more ›

Medispec introduces Vitamode® CogniPro Tablets with Cognizin® Citicoline in Malaysia

August 18, 2015 New York City, NY
Medispec, the marketer and distributor of pharmaceutical and health supplement products in Malaysia, has released Vitamode® CogniPro Tablets that leverage Cognizin® Citicoline to help support cognitive function.* Read more ›

Groundbreaking Study in Journal of Attention Disorders Finds that Daily Cognizin® Citicoline Oral Supplement Improves Attention in Adolescent Males

August 5, 2015 New York, NY
Results of a double-blind, placebo-controlled, human clinical trial showed that nearly one month of oral supplementation with Cognizin citicoline resulted in improved attention and motor function in healthy adolescent males. Read more ›

Healthy Origins® Introduces Cognizin® Citicoline in a Vegetarian Capsule

August 4, 2015 New York, NY
Healthy Origins® Cognizin® Citicoline is now available in a vegetarian capsule formula Read more ›

Cognizin® Citicoline Supplementation Effective At Reducing Cocaine Dependence in Bipolar Patients

July 16, 2015 New York, NY
The results of a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial showed that Cognizin® citicoline (Jarrow® Formulas) was effective at reducing cocaine use, based on urine drug screens, in patients with bipolar disorder and cocaine dependence. Read more ›

Bionops Laboratory Releases Biomacula, the First French Product with Citicoline (Cognizin®)

June 29, 2015 New York, NY
Bionops Laboratories has released the first eye health dietary supplement with Citicoline (Cognizin®) from Kyowa Hakko Bio to French consumers. Read more ›

Brain Cell Support Plus™ with Cognizin® Citicoline Supports Mental Energy

June 25, 2015 New York, NY
Dr. Hyla Cass, a renowned MD in integrative medicine, psychiatry, and addiction recovery, is offering Brain Cell Support Plus™ with Cognizin® Citicoline. Read more ›

Integrative Therapeutics Introduces two ProThrivers™ Wellness Supplements with specialty ingredients from Kyowa Hakko USA

April 24, 2015 New York, NY
Integrative Therapeutics has introduced two new supplements focused on two key pathways: immunity and cognition. Read more ›

Cerebral Success Introduces SmartX™ with Cognizin® Citicoline!

April 22, 2015 New York, NY
Cerebral Success has combined the power of Cognizin® Citicoline with other brain health ingredients to create SmartX™ for increased mental energy and focus.* Read more ›

New Survey Shows Americans Fear Mental Deterioration over Physical Decline

March 18, 2015 New York, NY
To Spotlight Brain Health Awareness Week, Cognizin® Citicoline Releases Consumer Brain Health Survey Results. Read more ›